Our Products

Traditional yet contemporary, Lion Guard minimalist styling with all the perks of a traditional gun cabinet. The double 7-lever lock offers unrivalled security while the high density foam floor mat and divider ensures no harm will come to your gun under any circumstances. With pre-drilled holes for floor and wall fixing, installation of Lion Guard cabinets couldn’t be easier making the customer’s whole experience simple and rewarding.

With Lion Guard safes, you know you’re getting a quality product you can rely on at a price to suit you – our 3-year warranty proves that. We believe in our products and we understand our customers, and we put this into every product we produce. Lion Guard gun cabinets have been built specifically to the needs of the gun owner rather than to low budgets to gain the most profit, and it’s this which gives us our advantage. Just look at the quality and you’ll see what we mean.

Holding up to three shotguns, our cabinets are built to BS7558/92 standards, making them perfect for most gun owner’s needs. Coming in sleek black and branding the striking Lion Guard logo, our gun cabinets not only offer unrivalled functionality, they look good too – giving you top notch security without looking out of place.